Our Process


First, we will meet with you and your team to get to know you and to better understand your culture, company, goals and vision. Our job is to familiarize ourselves with who you are and what you do so we can get started on the right foot. During this phase, we will document your requirements and goals.


Next, we work together to determine priorities for your project to be sure we are working on what's important to you. During this phase, we will review styles, formats, and technologies pertinent to your project.


Here's where the fun begins. Our team looks at your priorities and brainstorms about what can be possible for you. During this phase, depending on the project, we will prepare sketches, mockups or concepts for you to review and collaborate on.


Once we've signed off on the priorities and plans, our team starts building your project. During this phase, we are designing, developing, editing, writing and more.


Now that your project is built, your team can kick the tires. Together, we'll evaluate what's working and what's not to ensure we're meeting the goals we agreed upon.


After the various priority checks and tweaks needed to deliver you the project you're looking for, we launch your project and continue to evaluate your needs.